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Displaying a raw energy that he would later develop to establish himself as one of the most original writers of his generation, Roberto Bolaño’s early experimental novella Amberes (English: Antwerp) is a source of inspiration for a homonymous group exhibition at M HKA in Antwerp. Sofie Crabbé had a conversation with senior curator Nav Haq about the creativity, power and relevance of Bolaño’s writing and how it resonates in both contemporary and historical art.

Sofie Crabbé: Why did you choose Amberes as a source of inspiration for an exhibition?
Nav Haq: When I moved to Antwerp several years ago, a friend gave me a copy of this novella. I liked the fact that the prose’s actual relation to Antwerp remains elusive. The book is not about Antwerp. It would be really uninteresting to make a straight ‘Antwerp’ show. This exhibition is a way to do something more ambiguous. I am interested in the blurring between places in Amberes. Some places are like alter-egos for other places. Most of the s…