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Plat(t)form 2014 - Fotomuseum Winterthur

What happens when you put together lens-based media artists with curators, gallery owners, publishers and photo editors for two days of photo critiques, networking and fun? Not only a lot of feedback moments and a trade of ideas, but also an increased visibility for the artists in the photographic community and who knows some proposals to collaborate in the future? The event offers interested visitors an opportunity to discover work, to meet photographers and artists in person and to dispense advice. As the website of the Fotomuseum states: “Plat(t)form is an extremely lively discussion forum, a network, an information platform.” and it is “the showcase for the future of photography in Europe.”
Last weekend the eighth curated international portfolio viewing ‘Plat(t)Form 2014’ featuring young emerging European photographers was held. Under the new direction of Duncan Forbes and Thomas Seelig, Fotomuseum Winterthur had invited 42 photographers to present their work for two hours to the i…